About us

Yours and my shared dreams were the inspiration for starting the Xtracare Automotive services. The business was established under the name Mehta Auto Care over 20 years ago, and ever since, it has made significant improvements to your autos. The business has traveled to several locations in search of its true identity, which is currently known as Xtracare Automotive Services. Cars should be properly aligned, operate smoothly, and fixed tastefully.  Only a select few auto-cares are experts in this field, and Xtracare Automotive Services is at the top of the list. Bring your automobile to the house and see the difference for yourself if you want a customized experience.

Xtracare Automotive Services

Manish Kumar launched the business in the year 2016. Mehta Auto Care was its original name. The business has more than two decades of expertise. The firm is licensed to cover your car with insurance companies like Oriental Insurance and National Insurance firm. The company has provided amazing services to the automobile (mostly automobiles) such, accidental services, alignment, paint, and insurance facilities. Xtracare Automotive Services is committed to provide your automobile with a memorable experience and has more than 20 years of experience. The business is committed to providing the greatest products at competitive costs and will do so for the duration of its existence.

Our Vision

We have a concept we would want to share with you that also represents our vision. We have a deep love for automobiles. Additionally, we have observed a lot of auto shops treating automobiles like trash that has to be disposed of. In order to give your pricey, beloved, and much-dreamed-of automobile the luxury it deserves, Xtracare Automotive Services was founded. The shiny appearance your automobile had when it was new is something we at Xtracare have determined to maintain. In order to realize our mission of treating every automobile in the globe with Extra Care at XtraCare Automotive Services, we at Xtracare are working day and night to achieve it at its fullest.

What we Offer?

We treat your automobile with the attention and affection it deserves. Practically, we provide the services that your automobile needs, such as paint, denting, car washing, auto repair, and accidental auto repair. We are also authorized to insure your car with national and oriental insurance organizations. Everything your automobile need and wants is available from us.

About Founder

Manish Kumar is the visionary; he gave up everything to pursue his aim of fixing every automobile in the world. He started this business in Zirakpur, Punjab, in 2016, but he had been operating it as a workshop for the previous 20 years. To realize his idea, he relocated from a tiny hamlet in Haryana to Zirakpur, Punjab. It’s difficult to determine which of his two great interests, food or vehicles, he is most enthusiastic about. He is a fantastic individual who is feisty, daring, creative, and all around amazing. Above all else, he adores being around cars and his company, XtraCare Automotive Services Private Limited.

We Are Here To Help With Your All Car Repair & Maintenance Needs.