Tyres and Wheel Care Services in Zirakpur

As we know, the lifespan of car tyres is usually 50000 to 60000 Km depending upon the following :

  • Way you drive your car
  • Quality of tyres
  • Roads on which you mostly drive

However, in the case of wheels the very common issue of alignment is usually there.

Although you need to take care of the tyres and wheels as these are the metaphorical base of your car which are responsible for speed, agility, and stability. In short, to avoid any damage to your car and life, make sure to keep an eye on your car’s’ maintenance.

So, if you are in the sneak peek of finding the right place for tyres and wheel care services, then Xtra care is always available with the quality tyre and wheel services in Punjab.

It’s a common fact that every cars’ tyres and wheels are prone to damage and need proper maintenance, repair and replacement services. And for this one, we have skilled professionals to correct any degree of tyre and wheel issue at best prices.

So book an appointment with us today to avoid any further risks for your car and your life.

Signs that you need tyre and wheel services

It’s necessary to make your tyres and wheels balanced as you drive the kilometers so a little extra care is needed. Make sure to consider the signs that your car needs tyre and wheel services such as uneven tread wear, Steering wheel getting off centered while driving straight and vibrating steering wheel. While in the case of tyres: damaged valve caps, cracking and bulging, misalignment, etc.

Why choose Xtracare for tyres and wheel services in Punjab?

We are experienced in this work and assure to offer high-quality, upfront pricing, on-time services. You can trust us for any of the following tasks related to tyre and wheels:

  • Wheel alignment
  • Wheel Balancing
  • Complete Wheel Care
  • Tyre replacement and repair
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