Car Rubbing & Polishing Services in Zirakpur

Are you the one who daily follows the routine of  normal Normal car washing & cleaning by yourself and still don’t find your car that shiny!

Well, it’s good to daily look after your car and maintain it properly but to enhance the outer body of your car, you need the best car service center who is proficient to offer fine car rubbing and polishing services. With these car detailing rubbing and polishing services, the experts reduce scratches, revive paintwork, restore fading, remove road contamination and paint correction.

That’s why to extend the life and looks of your car, do visit Xtracare services anytime. Our skilled car washers revive your car’s exterior beauty with thorough polishing. And they will also give you some tips to keep your car glossy.

Benefits of rubbing and polishing services from Xtracare

1.) Removing fine or heavy scratches or defects.

2.) Decontamination of the paintwork that a bucket and sponge can’t remove.

3.) Paint correction & Restoration of paint fading.

5.) Adding gloss and shine to the paintwork.

6.) Color depth enhancement and color rejuvenation.

Usually, an issue of fading occurs due to harsh/hot climate. On the other hand, road contamination, od tar, dirt, grease, microscopic metal dust from several areas and other grit embeds into the paint which leads to corrosion issues if left untreated.

Therefore, to protect your car from all such issues, make sure to choose the car detailing rubbing and polishing services.

Why Choose Xtracare for Car Rubbing and Polishing Services?

  • Skilled professionals to sort imperfections from your car’s outer body
  • Help your car to restore fading
  • Corrosion correction
  • Use the best quality of paints for your car
  • Available 24/7
  • Affordable prices/packages

We are experts to remove the stubborn build up from your car. Reach out to us and we are happy to help you.

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