Car Detailing Services in Zirakpur

Are you looking for experienced professional detailers to offer car detailing services in Zirakpur using specialized techniques? We have a wide range of packages for auto detailing services from basic to premium.

Under car detailing service, a simple car wash on the outside and a basic vacuuming of the inside of your car is performed. To perform a deep cleaning and restoration process with complete perfection the experts and advanced techniques are required.

Xtracare has been at the forefront of the car detailing revolution in India for many years. Our technicians are well-trained to give you a “new car feeling”.

Polishing, Sealing or Waxing Using an abrasive compound, the detailers remove the small scratches. For a glossy look, a protective layer of sealant or wax is added to the car’s exterior.
Paint Claying & steamer cleaning To remove embedded debris paint claying is performed while steam cleaning is used to remove tough stains from seats and carpets.
Leather Trimming & Perfuming To clean and condition any leather parts in the vehicle a special soap is used. A perfume is sprayed into the interior to give a fresh feel to your car.Besides this, paint correction, ceramic coating, Paint Protection Film (PPF), window tint also comes under auto detailing services.

Steps performed under car detailing services:

Basic Car Detailing Services Even the most basic car detailing services include precision work done by hand.
Exterior wash and dry Exterior body wash of the car is done by the detailer with specialized products and dries it well. It also includes cleaning of the rims, door handles, and glass.
Vacuuming Seats, carpets, and mats are vacuumed. Under the more expensive packages a vacuum of the headliner, rear cargo area, and trunk are also vaccumed.
Premium Car Detailing Services For more thorough car detailing services, you can go for a premium package.
Interior Scrubbing and Brushing To remove stains from the floor carpets and mats, spot cleaning is done.
Glass Cleaning The detailer cleans the windshield and windows, inside and out.

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