Car AC Repair Service In Zirakpur

Do you ever imagine how it could be if your Car AC suddenly stops?

Well, it may be horrible to go on a comfortable ride under the scorching heat of the sun. That’s why to stay cool while traveling in Punjab, make sure you check your Car Air Conditioning(AC) and in case of any car AC services & repairs in Punjab, you can visit the experts of Xtra Care.

Timely services are necessary for the ACof your car due to following reasons:

  • On noticing loud whirring noise while operating AC.
  • In case your car is on continuous running then it impacts the AC of the car so make sure to go for AC services.
  • Continuous usage may affect the battery that needs to be repaired timely.
  • AC needs the refilling of lubricant or gas.
  • AC stops producing the cooling effect and releases bad odor.
  • When the engine starts overheating

Car AC repair services provided by Xtracare in Zirakpur

Our team of professionals have good experience in offering car AC repair services. And we are providing all types of car AC services including air conditioner installation, car ac gas filling, car ac repair and car ac maintenance. For maintaining the good condition of your car AC, it’s important to get servicing regularly. In short, for the proper functioning of the fan and its cooling effect, make sure to take good care of your car AC such as:

  • Start your AC in winters also to maintain the good health of AC circuitry and to reduce the humidity levels inside the car.
  • Do not forget to recharge the car AC with gas or lubricant regularly.
  • Make sure to run the defrost mode of the AC for 5-10 minutes to eliminate all the excess moisture.

Why Choose Xtracare Car Ac Repair Services?

Our car AC services are provided by trained and efficient mechanics with the guarantee of best services at an affordable rate.  We are proficient in handling the comprehensive car AC repair services:

  • Cleaning of car radiator
  • Replacing or cleaning of AC cooling coil
  • Replacing the expansion valve
  • Fixing radiator leakage
  • Proper examining of radiator fan
  • Installation of the new radiator if required
  • Replacing and checking of AC condenser
  • Checking and cleaning of the blower fan
  • Checking for wiring faults

So, do not wait more to get the best car AC repair in Zirakpur.

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